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Billing & Insurance

Russell Dermatology accepts a majority of commercial insurances as well as Medicare. Please call our office if you are unsure about your insurance.
If you have a Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO policy, please have your PCP fax over a referral prior to your appointment date.
We do not accept the following insurances:
  • Humana (unless secondary to Medicare)
  • Medicaid (unless secondary to Medicare)
  • Tricare (unless secondary to Medicare)
  • Health Advantage-HMO-Focus Care
  • Medipak Advantage HMO
  • Wellcare
  • All Student Resource Insurances
If your insurance policy has a deductible, please be prepared to pay half of the charges at the time of your visit. All of the charges will be filed with your insurance and the money you pay in office will be applied to the balance that insurance does not pay. If you have overpaid by any amount once insurance has gone through, your money will be refunded to you. Specialist copays will apply at each visit.
In the event that you are scheduled for a surgery at our office and your insurance policy has a deductible, a $250.00 deposit will be collected before your procedure. The same refund policy will apply if insurance pays for the surgery in it's entirety. 
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